EBU Publishes New MXF Timecode Recommendation

The EBU Strategic Programme on the harmonisation and interoperability in file-based HDTV production (SP-HIPS) , has updated the EBU Recommendation on how to use timecode in Material Exchange Format (MXF) files. It is the first public deliverable from the Group.

MXF is the most important standard for file exchange between professional media organisations. To improve the interoperability of MXF products, end of 2009 the EBU HIPS-MXF Group was set up, led by Mr Christoph Nufer (IRT). Mr Nufer's team started with updating the existing EBU R 122 "Material Exchange Format Timecode Implementation" recommendation, which was created in 2007. The new document includes, amongst others, information on handling 50/60 Hz timecode and timecode with new HDTV essence types.

MXF Timecode Carriage Mechanisms

The work of the HIPS-MXF Group now continues with specifying the recommended ways of carrying subtitling in MXF. The draft for this EBU Recommendation is far finished, and already available to participants in the MXF Group for review.

Source: EBU