SpectSoft Introduces New 3D Tools to its Product Line

SpectSoft, a leading provider of uncompressed video solutions on the Linux platform, announced a new standalone 3D (stereo) solution that will be offered up in both software and turnkey form.

SpectSofts newest system, which debut at a recent demo in Northern California offers the ability to take two individual SDI streams in, mix them down and feed them out via DVI/HDMI or Display Port in real-time. The 2 SDI streams can be from any source and they represent the individual right and left eye files that can stream from servers, decks or cameras. This adds value to the workflow by allowing facilities the ability to only have to work with two uncompressed DPX files, right and left eye frames and not separate files to view the images in 3D.

SpectSofts current Rave systems allow stereo DPX frames to immediately be playable for viewing on high-end solutions that accept SDI (Real-D would be one solution that falls into this category). 3d Live, SpectSofts newest solution allows you take the outputs from Rave, or any device and turn them into a mixed down pattern that can be feed into any consumer 3D ready DLP, in real-time. 3d Live also supports many other features that are specific to working in 3D such as keystone correction and image shifting.

Source: SpectSoft