BSkyB Readying for 3D

BSkyB is to run further 3D experiments, following up on the recent trials involving live soccer, rugby, boxing and its own flagship Sky1 Gladiators show. Sky has achieved a near-miracle in delivering perfect 3D stereoscopic images to a standard Sky+ HDTV set-top box, and a 46” ‘off the shelf’ Hyundai 3D receiver.

Next up, according to head of product design and innovation at Sky, Brian Lenz, is to invest a little cash and trial other potential televisual subjects such as music, theatre, ballet and even talking-heads discussion shows.

“The method we are looking at today is not that expensive, but it isn’t glasses-free, although we are keen to see what we can do in that area. The risk for going glasses-free is that the set then is for specialist viewing only because all other transmissions (viewed on the set) are degraded to a certain extent. Our current tests also replicate exactly what Hollywood is doing, with inexpensive glasses.”

Lenz stresses that this is a longer-term series of tests and trials and there are no immediate plans to send signals to homes. “This is not a commercial launch, but it shows us that it is well worth spending time on. Everyone is very excited about what’s been done, and I can tell you that since this news first appeared my telephone has not stopped ringing. We think we have a unique position that we can take advantage of because we are originating content and thereafter control the whole delivery chain.”

By Chris Forrester, Rapid TV News