Cisco Delivers Advanced Network-Based Media Processing Platform

Cisco announced a media processing platform that simplifies live and on-demand media sharing across PCs, mobile devices and other digital screens, by seamlessly formatting video and rich media for viewing on any device. The create once and share anywhere Cisco Media Processing platform provides media conversion, real-time post production, editing, formatting, and network distribution capabilities in a single networked solution to help businesses develop targeted visual communications that drive intimacy with employees and customers.

The first product being introduced within the Cisco Media Processing portfolio is the Cisco Media Experience Engine 3000 ($65,000), which delivers the ability to transform a single source of content so that it is playable on any device. It also delivers real-time post production and processing capabilities such as watermarking, voice and video editing, text and image overlays and noise reduction to create customized broadcast quality video experiences. Cisco plans for future devices in its new media processing line to include speech recognition that will allow real-time translations of live video conferences and keyword searches of what's said during such videos.

Cisco's business video strategy combines systems and services, using the network as the platform, to help enable video solutions that create powerful visual networking experiences across multiple devices. The Cisco MXE 3000 joins a new class of media-optimized technologies and solutions that enable better video experiences, faster delivery of rich media content and simplified media sharing across the network. These "medianet" technologies will enable exciting, advanced communications, collaboration and entertainment experiences through video- and rich media-optimized service provider, business, and home networks, known as "medianets."

Source: MarketWire