New Christie Dual Projector System for 3D Cinema Offers Best Value in the Industry

Christie, a global leader in Digital Cinema now offers the industry’s most cost-effective and flexible 3D Digital Cinema system. With the power of two Christie DLP Cinema projectors, the new Christie 3D2P offers more than double the brightness for presentations on screens of any size. Complete with an innovative stacking frame with rollers and adjustable racks, the system can be easily moved whenever and wherever needed within the complex.

The first to be installed in a commercial setting, the Christie 3D2P has been successfully deployed for groundbreaking 3D Digital Cinema features. The dual projector system is already winning praise from moviegoers at the widely acclaimed Krikorian Premiere Theatres, where it is presenting the latest 3D Digital Cinema releases.

“3D Digital Cinema is one of the most exciting developments in our industry. We looked at current single-projector 3D solutions and didn't like them for different reasons, including cost. We selected the Christie dual projector 3D2P solution because we can now screen the latest 3D features on any size screen in all of our complexes with no real concerns about light issues," remarks Todd Cummings, vice president of operations for Krikorian Theatres. “In fact, with the growing popularity of 3D, we will be utilizing the system on our larger 60-ft screens for 3D features. One of the distributors told us that they will be looking to increase the light through the polarized glasses by more than 30% for their future live action 3D films. Only a dual projector set-up can meet that requirement. A single projector system currently would not be bright enough to cover such a large screen.”

With the Christie 3D2P, exhibitors can utilize any of Christie’s comprehensive family of Digital Cinema projectors including their existing Christie projectors, in almost limitless combinations. The Christie CP2000 Series projectors also remain compatible with existing 3D technology providers.

Source: Christie