Iconix Plans Expansion

"Camera manufacturer Iconix Video is planning to expand both organically and through acquisition, its new CEO Bruce Long said. His growth plan includes development of technology for stereoscopic 3-D production and postproduction.

"We are moving from camera company to integrated service provider," said Long, the former president and COO of National Lampoon, indicating that an acquisition was in Iconix's near future.

Iconix -- maker of small "point of view" high-definition cameras -- plans to expand its product line with a stereoscopic 3-D production and post pipeline, which will be exhibited at next month's National Association of Broadcasters Show.

At NAB, the company will present a new Iconix camera that will capture 2K, a higher resolution than the current model. Parts of the developing 3-D toolset -- notably the 3-D camera rig -- already have been tested or shown to select audiences. Iconix's developing 3-D arsenal also includes an on-set digital recording device, as well as post tools including a playback/conform system."

By Carolyn Giardina, The Hollywood Reporter