The Broader Issue: Digital 3D Part 1

This series of four podcasts is devoted to Digital 3D; for cinema, for use in business and for viewing in the home. Your host Bill Scanlon is founder of digital 3D production company Far Blue Images. In this first programme, Bill’s guests are Dave Monk, CEO of the European Digital Cinema Forum, and David Hancock, Head of Cinema at research company Screen Digest.

To start the series, they set the scene for the digital 3D business at the beginning of 2008; the finance, the technology and the films. How many 3D screens are in operation? Where are they and how are they being financed? What are the catalysts for growth? Who’s making digital 3D content? How are the public receiving it?

In coming programmes, we’ll discuss production, post production and the cinema presentation business, with industry experts and people whose future is tied to this exciting new format.

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Source: The Broader Issue