3D@Home Consortium Membership Opens

The creation of the 3D@Home Consortium has been driven by a desire by many of the leading 3D organizations to ensure the best possible 3-dimensional viewing experience to the billions of consumers in today's home entertainment marketplace.

To achieve this desire, several short term goals have been identified:
- facilitate the development of industry standards and their dissemination
- create and publish useful technical roadmaps
- develop educational materials for training, consumer and retail channels

There are many, diverse organizations working in burgeoning 3D supply chain, including: 3D content developers, technology companies creating software to manipulated digital content, companies with hardware platforms upon which it is shown, standards bodies, and educational institutions.

Representatives from every one of these segments has had input into the structure and scope of the 3D@Home Consortium. These representatives strongly believe that the industry can develop at an healthier and accelerated rate, while enriching the experience for consumers.

The Consortium is Open for Business. Join now and become a part of this very exciting industry-wide effort.