OpenCube Announces the Launch of XFConverter v1.0, its New Format Conversion Solution

OpenCube Technologies is happy to announce the launch of XFConverter v1.0, an innovative new product for the seamless conversion of wrapper formats.

XFConverter allows users to convert formats such as MXF, Quicktime, GXF, AVI into other MXF, Quicktime, GXF, AVI formats without having to modify their video/audio essences. It also allows them to efficiently manage metadata, among other features.

Part of production facilities, XFConverter converts wrapper formats even faster than in real-time, offering huge gains in productivity. Hassle-free and cost-effective, XFConverter is the perfect link for connecting the different formats to each other, providing a highly efficient solution for media handling.

XFConverter is based on the OpenCube MXFTk Toolkit. The solution’s intuitive and ergonomic graphical interface is easy to use and ensures genuine interoperability and streamlined media exchanges. XFConverter’s recognition module [Watch Folder] automatically recognizes the files to convert as soon as the software is launched, significantly accelerating the conversion process. Its 24/7 operational mode ensures reliability and boosts time-to-market.

“OpenCube has received numerous requests over the last few months for an efficient and ready-touse product to convert wrapper formats,” says Benoît Février, CEO of OpenCube. “We designed and developed XFConverter v1.0 with our partners and customers to ensure it met all market requirements before putting it on sale in Europe and in the U.S,” he adds. “XFConverter is very reasonably-priced and adapted to online purchasing. We have just set up a new online shopping platform and are delighted to be able to offer XFConverter, as well as other OpenCube solutions, on the site:”.