Thomson Demonstrates 4K Real-Time Data Streaming of Uncompressed Digital Content over IP Network

"Thomson today successfully demonstrated the real-time streaming of an uncompressed digital 4K movie over a 10Gbps optical fibre IP network operated by LambdaNet Communications Deutschland AG. For the first time, a production-quality digital movie was transmitted over a looped 2,000 km IP network, interconnecting German cities Berlin, Dresden, Erfurt, Hannover, Leipzig and Magdeburg. Transport and playback in real-time took place at Thomson’s Corporate Research Center in Hannover.

LambdaNet provided “LambdaNet Data Link”, a business solution that allows customers to utilize simple and cost-efficient Ethernet technology for both LAN and WAN networking.

Thomson’s newly developed high-performance transport protocol allows a comprehensive utilization of the 10Gbps network bandwidth, eliminating adverse effects introduced by long distance connections. Outperforming other solutions in the marketplace, such as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) and User Datagram Protocol (UDP), the new Thomson protocol is fully backwards compatible with existing IP network infrastructure.

Anticipating the needs of the increasingly globalized digital content production industry, Thomson has been conducting research for almost two years on high speed real-time data transfer technology to enable efficient management of production-quality digital content over long distances. Initial achievements on a simulated network were presented at NAB 2007. Now, by partnering with LambdaNet, Thomson was able, for the first time, to showcase the results of their research on a commercial European network."

Source: Yahoo