QuVIS Announces 3D JPEG2000 Support for the QuVIS Cinema Player

"QuVIS has successfully integrated support for the new DCI JPEG2000 3D format in the QuVIS Cinema Player. The DCI JPEG2000 3D format is comprised of two 12-bit 4:4:4 video streams, left eye and right eye, stored in a single image track file. During playback, the QuVIS Cinema Player decodes the image track file and separates left eye and right eye picture data into two separate synchronized output video streams.

The QuVIS Cinema Player can be used for 3D stereoscopic exhibition using either passive or active visualization technology. 3D Passive viewing is achieved by projecting two images onto the same screen using orthogonal (linear) or circular polarizing filters. The viewer wears low-cost eyeglasses fitted with the polarizing filters needed for that display type. In 3D Active viewing the viewer wears LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) shutter glasses that receive a wireless signal from the projector to open and close the lens shutters on the glasses in an alternate-frame sequencing method.

The QuVIS Cinema Player, the central component of QuVIS’ Digital Cinema Network solution, is an elite multi-format playback server that has been designed to meet the performance, security and reliability needed for years of faithful service. The QuVIS Cinema Player not only provides the basic Digital Cinema functionality (e.g. 2K and 3D JPEG2000 playback and local content loading) but also features many advanced server capabilities including: 2K playback of a 4K Digital Cinema Composition, Network-based content loading even during active playback, Secure Logging and Reporting, Forensic Watermarking, and full theater automation programming and controls."

Source: DCinemaToday