Kulabyte Announces New SD And HD Live Encoding Broadcast Appliance Product for Real-Time Web Streaming

"Kulabyte will be launching a revolutionary real time series of broadcast appliances, Express GreenStream the industry’s first VP6 and H.264 live video encoding appliance for full SD and soon, HD resolutions.

This new solution uses Kulabyte’s patent-pending TimeSlice video encoding technology to deliver 2 pass VBR qualities in live encoding and streaming environments in a lightweight, ½ half- width, 1RU box with solid state storage and low power multi-core CPU’s. Express GreenStream uses only 50 watts of power at peak load.

The Kulabyte Express encoding solutions enable faster-than-real-time video encoding, providing noticeably better picture quality and significant bandwidth savings, while utilizing industry standard codec engines. Media creators can encode, and distribute digital content at speeds more than 12 times as fast as the industry-standard codecs alone, and deliver higher picture qualities in live streaming applications.

A three-year old start-up company, Kulabyte is developing its patent-pending TimeSlice video encoding technology for a wide variety of applications. The company has introduced early versions of the technology at previous NAB and IBC industry conferences, as well as at other industry trade shows. The company has announced engagements previously with leading microprocessor company AMD, as well as On2 Technologies, Adobe and BlueFish 444."

Source: BroadcastBuyer