ETI and Panasonic Make Plans

"With an ever emergent 3D digital theatre expansion in 2008, award-winning company Edward Technologies (ETI) continues to fortify the marketplace with their 3D Digital systems. Through a valuable partnership with Panasonic, one which includes an exclusive 100% theater financing package, each group combines years of experience and talent in a variety of 3D projection and technology applications to deliver optimal digital 3D entertainment.

The goals of ETI and Panasonic are aimed at developing fully integrated production packages for digital cinemas while offering a variety of cost-effective approaches to meet customer’s needs to drive the out-of-home destination experience. From the large format theatre to smaller venues, each attraction is specially tailored and engineered to meet today’s advanced technologies.

Adding to this team’s list of accomplishments is the recent opening of the 3D/4D Theater at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana, CA. This unique 130-seat theater has been developed to use leading-edge technology systems with enhancements for the full-sensory experience.

Edwards Technologies, a southern California-based technology solutions company, founded in 1984, specializes in audio, visual, show control, and digital cinema. ETI’s scope of services includes technical design, engineering, project management, programming and media content."

Source: Digital Cinematography