T-VIPS Targets Sportscaster with JPEG2000 Gateway

"At IBC2007, T-VIPS focused on a range of solutions for the contribution and distribution of broadcast-quality signals for sports broadcasting applications. The company highlighted the T-VIPS JPEG2000-based video gateway that enables HD sports action to be backhauled over inexpensive GigE links.

T-VIPS pioneered the application of JPEG2000 for video backhaul with its T-VIPS TVG 415 (SD and upgradeable to HD) and TVG 430 (SD/HD) video gateways.

T-VIPS solutions for sports broadcasters and channel owners include:
- TVG410 – for the contribution of uncompressed SDI over IP networks.
- TVG 415 – for the backhaul of SD content in JPEG2000 format over IP networks.
- TVG 420 – for transmission of MPEG-2 transport streams over IP networks.
- TVG 430 – a video gateway that enables broadcasters and network operators to distribute HD video in JPEG2000 format over IP networks.
- T-VIPS Connect – a management application for easy configuration of IP connections."

Source: BroadcastEngineering