New IP Technology Moves HD Video Directly from Camcorder to Networked Storage

"In an effort to bypass the ingest process, two companies have demonstrated technology that enables direct digital video recording to networked storage from a 1394-equipped high-definition video camera.

The technology from Control Communications Systems and QVidium Technologies, called 1394 Gateways, enables direct recording to storage area network (SAN) or Network Attached Storage (NAS) directly from the camcorder.

The system uses QVidium Record Manager Software to take the video and audio coming from the camcorder, or other 1394-equipped system, and converts the feeds into standard IP packets. Once in the IP domain, the media can flow across networks that can span a studio or any location in the world.

The 1394 interface is very powerful but many uses of these HD cameras are limited by the short cable length, said Anthony Magliocco, Controlware’s director of sales and marketing. Now, he said, the camcorder’s images and sound can be instantaneously stored and edited anywhere in the world.

Using 1394 Gateways, camera operators can continue to operate their normal media in the camcorder while feeding the network drives simultaneously. Controlware, a company that specializes in loss-free terrestrial and satellite delivery of broadcast video, said it is offering both wired and wireless versions of the 1394 Gateways technology.

The technology offers support for all DVCPRO formats, including DVCPRO HD, DVCPRO50 and DVCPRO25, as well as 19.75 Mbps 720p and 25 Mbps 1080i HDV and a wide range of audio formats. It can display HD video to a PC’s VGA or DVI interface."

Source: StudioDaily