LeVar Burton Shoots First 4K Feature with DALSA Origin Camera

“Tempting Hyenas”, the first feature length film shot with the DALSA Origin 4K digital cinema camera, will undergo a full 4K DI at Post Logic Studios.

Post Logic’s Image Science Division provided on-set supervision during principal photography, which completed recently, working closely with the production team to oversee the transfer of digital assets and ensure that the 4K image quality was maintained throughout.

Post Logic’s 4K workflow, developed in cooperation with DALSA Digital Cinema, begins with the careful handling of assets at the end of each day of shooting. Data from the Origin 4K camera (up to two terabytes a day) was recorded onto a Codex unit and output as 2K ProRes files for viewing dailies and for creating an edit decision list (EDL) during online editing.

The files were offloaded daily from the Codex onto a Ciprico Media Vault for transporting back to Post Logic Studios in Hollywood. Upon arrival, the data was backed up onto 400GB LTO3 tapes, with all assets and metadata meticulously catalogued in a proprietary database. This process ensured that the production could shoot continuously without skipping a beat. With the LTO3 tapes serving as the 4K image master files, Post Logic Studios will match up the time codes with the EDL to create the final 4K product."

Source: BroadcastBuyer