GDC Selects Thomson’s Forensic Watermarking for Digital Cinema Server Roll Out

"Thomson today announced that GDC, one of the leading solution providers for digital cinema, has selected NexGuard, Thomson’s comprehensive, state-of-the-art forensic tracking product line, for integration into 1,200 digital cinema servers.

GDC digital cinema servers will now embed NexGuard’s audio and visual forensic watermarking solution. NexGuard combats in-theatre piracy by offering forensic means to identify the date, time and location of illegal camcorder recordings.

NexGuard’s solution not only exceeds the Digital Cinema Initiative’s (DCI) specifications with resistance to illegal camcorder capture and compression, but also provides the ability to embed more than the required amount of critical identification information.

The NexGuard family of content security solutions has been solely designed to serve the media, entertainment and communication industries, and offers the most wide-ranging line of products to track and secure digital audiovisual content through production, post-production, distribution and exhibition."

Source: DCinemaToday