EBUCore v1.5 Includes the New EBU Audio Model (ADM)

The new version of EBUCore can be downloaded as EBU Tech 3293 v1.5. Thanks to the efforts of the metadata experts in the EBUCore developer and user community, the new version of the EBU's metadata flagship includes several enrichments.

The most prominent update probably is the integration of the recently published EBU Audio Definition Model (ADM) (EBU Tech 3364). The ADM provides a complete set of technical and informative metadata to describe a file's audio content.

Graphical representation of the EBU ADM (click to enlarge)

It is designed not only to support current channel-based audio configurations such as 5.1 and 15.1, but also to be ready for future formats, by using ADM extensions. The ADM is shared with other standards organisations, such as the AES, AMWA/EBU FIMS, ISO/IEC MPEG, ITU, SMPTE and W3C.

All EBUCore additions are clearly documented in the new version. Special attention has been paid to simplifying the specification, by focussing it on examples of implementations. A 'Download Zone' chapter provides links to the related Schema, including semantic technology in the form of the updated EBUCore RDF/OWL ontology.

Source: EBU