Telestream Announces Open-Source HEVC Encoder Project

Telestream has announced the public availability of an open source H.265 (HEVC) encoder. The new project aims to create the world’s most efficient, highest quality H.265 codec.

The iniative is being introduced under both an open source and commercial license model and is being managed by co-founder MulticoreWare Inc, Telestream’s development partner.

“Telestream and MulticoreWare have had great success in the acceleration and commercial deployment of x264 and believe that a similar approach with the collaborative development of the next generation of high-efficiency codecs will benefit the industry,” commented Shawn Carnahan, CTO at Telestream. “The x264 project proved the effectiveness of developing a codec of this complexity. Leveraging the x264 technology in this new project will ensure that the new codec is as robust, efficient and high quality as its predecessor.”

Jason Garrett-Glaser, lead developer of the x264 project added: "Previous collaboration between Telestream and MulticoreWare led to successful work on the GPU acceleration of x264, a task deemed by many to be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. With these accomplishments in mind, I am excited to support Telestream in the founding of the x265 project, which follows in the x264 tradition of high performance, quality, and flexibility under an open source license and business model."

Access is free under GNU LGPL licensing, and commercial licenses are available for companies wishing to use the resulting implementation in their products. More information can be found at, where companies and individuals can contribute to the project.

Source: TVBEurope