World's First Ultra High Definition Shoulder-Mount Camera

This is the world's first compact shoulder-mount Ultra High Definition camera. Developed by NHK, it uses a single-chip color imaging sensor to produce 33MP video.

By reducing the size and weight of the camera, the portability had been improved, making it more maneuverable than previous prototypes, so it can be used in a wide variety of shooting situations. This compact head can also be used with commercially available still camera lenses.

As the single-chip sensor uses a Bayer color filter array, where only one color component is acquired per pixel, researchers at NHK have also developed a high quality up-converter, which estimates the other two color components to convert the output into full resolution video.

Next, NHK will develop a camera control unit to perform signal processing specifically for this head. This will improve the picture quality and functionality of the camera.

By Don Kennedy, DigInfo TV