AS-11: MXF for Contribution

AS-11 is a vendor-neutral subset of the MXF file format to use for delivery of finished programming from program producers and distributors to broadcast stations. AS-11 files are intended to be complete and ready for playout.

AS-11 supports playout while the file transfer is in progress, a workflow is referred to as “late delivery”. It is preferable for AS-11 files to be used by playout servers directly without rewrapping of the MXF data structures.

The content may be delivered at the ultimate bit-rate, picture format and aspect ratio, or it may be transcoded at the broadcast station to the required bit-rates and formats. Similar transcoding may be applied to audio and captions; additionally, specific audio and caption tracks may be selected for different broadcast channels.

The content may be pre-packaged for broadcast without further splicing or it may be segmented for ease of insertion or replacement of interstitials.

AS-11 supports SD video encoded as D-10, 50Mbit/s, and HD as AVC-Intra Class 100. Audio can be PCM, AC-3 or Dolby E.

AS-11 defines a minimal core metadata set required in all AS-11 files, a program segmentation metadata scheme, and permits inclusion of custom shim-specific metadata in the MXF file.

Source: Advanced Media Workflow Association