SpectSoft Releases Free Rave Software

SpectSoft, a leading provider of uncompressed video solutions on the Linux platform, announced that the RaveHD product is now available at no charge. Developing products since 1997, SpectSoft has released RaveHD as part of their "Giving back to the community" program. This is the second, high-end solution Spectsoft has release to this program, releasing last year a version of their 3d live product.

SpectSoft RaveHD

Today, RaveHD is available for download to anyone who has the need to work with high-quality images in demanding pipelines. Designed to be a solid VTR replacement, Rave is being used on television and feature film work globally. Rave offers features that expand beyond the traditional VTR replacement, which has made this product line very popular in various facilities worldwide. Rave allows users to bridge film, video and data workflows and pipelines in a non-proprietary, flexible manner.

A few of the features that can be found in RaveHD are:
- Uncompressed Frame Support (DPX, Cineon, TIFF, etc)
- Compressed File Support (MPEG, DNxHD, H.264, etc)
- Conversion (From one format to another)
- LTC Support (In/Out)
- SAN Support (Standard)
- Unlimited Storage (No additional fees to add on storage)
- Burn-In (Frame info, Keycode, Timecode, etc)
- Conforming
- Standard (Open) File System (Immediate access and use of all files)
- Various Capture Methods
- External Control (RS422, Ethernet, etc)

Source: SpectSoft