3D Lens Adapter for ENG

A prototype lens adapter made by South Korean developer Wasol in co-operation with Ikegami and marketed by Korea's K2E can turn any standard 2D professional camera into one capable of capturing 3D.

The 3D Lensys adapter can be fitted to a conventional lens in about 15 minutes and works by means of a field sequencing device rotating in front of two small lenses. It weighs 21kg.

The field sequencer rotates 60 times a second to deliver 30fps of light into each of the lenses in the adapter. The combined 3D signal is output as HD SDI or component.

“3D Lensys allows you to use only one camera and to shoot in the same way as you would with existing cameras,” said Jin Kin, overseas sales and marketing for K2E. “You save time and money by using your existing equipment throughout the production process.”

K2E said the Lensys can be built to order. It was shown at NAB working on an Ikegami shoulder mount body.

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Source: TVB Europe