VideoHans 3D Monitor

VideoHans offers ultimate quality monitoring solution for 3D content creators. This unmatched tool provides visualization capabilities to efficiently detect and objectively measure various 3D quality issues such as depth map artifacts, vertical disparities, stereo-pair mis-synchronization, wrong 3D parallax range, etc.

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This easy-to-use but extremely powerful analysis tool brings quantitative metrics to 3D quality analysis. Unique error detection system provides comprehensive feedback to efficiently correct quality issues. Straightforward and intuitive interface provides a lot of extremely useful and easy to understand information.

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Depth Map Monitor
It is important to monitor proper distribution of objects within a depth map since depth map displacements may cause serious 3D perception problems. Good 3D assumes smart distribution of the object between back and front stages. VideoHans offers depth map monitoring technology to analyze each particular element of 3D for possible depth map displacements.

Time Synchronization Monitor
Capturing the left and the right frames can be slightly shifted in time and add vertical or other wrong motions and parallax. VideoHans can automatically check time-synchronization of left and right cameras to avoid this problem. With 3D SynchroScope it is easy to detect and monitor mistiming of 3D video sequences.

Time Synchronization Graph

Stereo-pair Consistency Control
Control brightness, white and black balance and color consistency for left and right images. This discrepancy may originate from the use of heterogeneous cameras, calibration errors and changes due to the different viewing angles. Histogram matching is used to detect and show difference between the right to left camera view. The goal of 3D Monitor is to check and correct these colors, brightness and other characteristic differences between two stereo images.

Stereo-pair Consistency Window

3D Parallax Monitor
VideoHans parallax monitor is aimed at stereo pair analysis for optimal 3D viewing. The main goal is to make 3D comfortable and safe for viewing without any risks and discomfort for eyes. VideoHans parallax monitoring technology offers comprehensive control of 3D parallax values, defining the range of screen sizes for comfortable viewing and other parameters.

Parallax Window

VideoHans 3D Monitor supports all commonly used data formats. Custom data formats support can be added with add-on modules. VideoHans error detection technology is also available as SDK for system integrators. Convenient API provides full access to all 3D error analysis options. VideoHans 3D Monitor works on Windows platform and will be available for Mac and Linux soon.