Google TV Insists it is No Threat to Broadcasters

Google TV's lead product manager looked to soothe broadcaster fears that Google TV will supplant traditional TV subscriptions this week, saying that this is a "misunderstanding" of what Google TV is.

"We are not looking to replace cable," said Rishi Chandra, lead product manager for Google TV, speaking at the Streaming Media West conference. "Our goal is not to replace it but to add to it."

He added, "Google TV itself is literally just a platform," explaining that the content owners can use it as they wish to distribute and monetise their offerings. He mentioned the deals that Google TV has with Netflix and as examples of business models that work.

Chandra was addressing the fact that ABC, NBC and CBS have blocked access to their online shows through the Google TV platform. They are asking for licensing fees to allow Google TV to stream their content, a request that Chandra equated to Microsoft being asked for a royalty whenever Internet Explorer is used to access a Website.

Chandra also announced that Google TV is working with Hulu to hammer out a deal--Google TV users will be able to access the $10-per-month Hulu Plus online video subscription plan. Ironically, Hulu offers full episodes from ABC, CBS and NBC.

By Michelle Clancy, Rapid TV News