Compact Laser Projector Being Developed by Hitachi

At CEATEC JAPAN 2010, Hitachi exhibited a prototype Microprojector. This projector works by scanning laser light in two dimensions, using an MEMS mirror. It can be made compact and energy-efficient, so it's expected to be used in mobile phones and digital cameras.

"Because this projector has a laser as the light source, it doesn't involve the concept of a focal point. So a feature of this projector is that it's always in focus, regardless of the projection distance. This enables it to show pictures even when tilted. Also, the picture gradation is achieved by controlling the laser output. For example, in black areas, no electrical output is used, so this projector is very energy-efficient."

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Because the projector is focus-free, it can project onto spherical surfaces. With an ordinary projector, the edges of the picture would be out of focus or distorted, but with this one, there's no blurring or distortion. It can also project onto complex shapes, so it's expected to be used for digital signage.

"This projector works by combining the light from red, green, and blue lasers, and directing it onto an MEMS mirror. The light is scanned by moving the MEMS mirror. So this is a scanning projector; the scanning method is very similar to that used in a CRT."

This Microprojector is currently under development and the timeline for its commercial release hasn't yet been decided.

Source: DigInfo TV