3D Monitor Red-Lines Depth Budget

JVC Professional’s new 24-inch 2D/3D professional-grade production monitor can warn in realtime if you try to overspend your depth budget, making it easier to shoot good 3D.

The DT-3D24G1 measures the depth and parallax in the picture, and allows users to set depth limits. If you exceed them, it shows by how much. You can set a negative depth budget of up to 4% and a positive depth up to 20% (although those extremes would be ill-advised).

“The line changes colour if you go over it and will show how many pixels you are out and how much percentage,” said Gustav Emrich, European product manager at IBC.

“It also has two waveform monitors and two vectorscopes and can also check the stereo alignment of the cameras and show timecode one and two and any difference information.”

It uses an Xpol Circular Polarising system compatible with the RealD system, so users can view it through inexpensive polarised glasses. It accepts and processes signals from dual camera systems, stereo-rigs and coded Side-by-Side and Line-by-Line 3D signals. It is 3Gbps ready, has 10-bit processing, and can be used as a field monitor, but requires 24-volt power.

It should be available by the end of December for €8,200.

By David Fox, TVB Europe