The Stereographer’s Friend

Advanced 3D Systems are proud to announce a new ortho-stereoscopic 3D digital processor. The Stereographer’s Friend offers real-time, low-latency Digital Processing in a compact 1RU frame, suitable for live Stereoscopic production, drama/feature production or post production.

The Stereographer’s Friend allows real-time adjustment of Digital toe-in and can correct for all the regular rig errors such as roll, vertical misalignment including lens corrections.

Main Features
- Real-time Stereoscopic 3D Processor
- 1 Frame total processing delay
- Two HD-SDI Inputs
- Two HD-SDI Outputs
- Inbuilt Synchronisers
- Analogue Monitoring Output
- Compact 1U Chassis

Live Controls
- Auto Zoom
- Toe-In
- H-offset
- Vertical Disparity
- Crop
- Banana Distortion Compensation

Rig-Alignment Controls
- H/V-Shift
- Zoom
- Roll
- Toe
- Flip H/V
- Keystone H/V

- For quick recall of presets during live performance
- Smooth match depth presets

Analysis Tools
- DVI Viewer
- Left, Right, Mix & Diff Modes

- Advanced Analysis Package