China Market: Shinco, TCL Unveil 3D CBHD Players

China-based Shinco Electric and TCL, currently the only two vendors of China Blue High-definition Disc (CBHD), have debuted 3D CBHD players to compete with 3D Blu-ray Disc (BD) players in the China market.

3D CBHD players, with retail prices yet to be set, can support 3D TVs offered by several vendors such as Samsung, according to the China High-definition Disc Industry Promotion Association.

While Sony, Samsung and other vendors are offering their 3D BD players in bundles with their 3D TVs, the CBHD Special Interest Group is talking with China-based vendors of 3D TVs for bundled sales.

By Erica Yen and Adam Hwang, DigiTimes