3D or Not 3D: The Road Ahead for TV

Broadcast transmission specialist, Broadcast Australia, has released a white paper which explores the challenge of establishing Australia’s new 3D TV environment, and highlights the importance of laying the foundations to ensure the country’s free-to-air broadcasting infrastructure is ready to deliver new and unique digital content.

The paper, entitled 3D or Not 3D: The Road Ahead for TV, provides insight into the current 3D TV environment, exploring the consumer proposition and drivers for deployment, as well as considering the various technology options, how they work, and what issues need to be addressed in order to make 3D TV successful.

To date, Broadcast Australia has played a central role in the delivery of terrestrial 3D TV and puts a case forward for the development of appropriate policies—with regard to applicable standards, licensing frameworks and spectrum—to provide an evolution path for the future deployment of terrestrial 3D TV services.