South Korea Cinemas Get 3D Soccer

The World Cup soccer festival is already proving a hit with South Korean cinema owners. 50 cinemas are showing live satellite feeds of the games in 3D in the first-ever live screenings in the country.

Ericsson has supplied CJ Golden Village (CGV), South Korea’s largest multiplex cinema chain, with specialty kit to handle high quality compressed signals to show World Cup action in 3D – the first live event ever to be shown in 3D in digital cinemas in the country.

South Korean soccer fans will be able to watch World Cup action in 3D at 50 cinema screens across the country using 3D glasses. Ericsson has supplied CGV with its EN8090 MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder and RX1290 receiver solutions, with video being distributed over an LG Telecom fibre network.

By Chris Forrester, RapidTV News