Singapore Gears Up for the Future of Media

Singapore is gearing up to exploit the opportunities in a rapidly-transforming media landscape with initiatives that seed the development and delivery of next-generation consumer applications, services and experiences. These include the start of 3D TV trial across multiple platforms and the award of funding to innovative industry projects that are expected to change the way media and entertainment are consumed in future.

Stereoscopic 3D is set to migrate from the cinemas to homes with the start of a one-year 3D TV trial by the Media Development Authority of Singapore. The trial kicks off today on terrestrial TV, cable TV and Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) in partnership with MediaCorp, Starhub and SingTel and involves the 3D recording of the National Day Parade. In addition to the broadcasters, other technology partners participating in the trial include Panasonic, Ross Video, Evertz, XpanD and Multimedia Maestro.

The trial enables the trial partners to test their transmission signals on different platforms, and address technical challenges in the delivery of 3D content to homes, whilst allowing service providers to explore viable business opportunities as they harness 3D technology to provide consumers with wider choices and better quality.

Apart from leading the trial with the partners, MDA will also launch a S$5 million fund to facilitate the trial and drive the development of content, talent and media services in the area of 3D. Depending on the progress of the trial, the broadcasters may choose to extend the trial to include consumers.

Dr Christopher Chia, CEO, MDA said: "The success of 3D movies and advances in digital technology has sparked strong interest in 3D developments worldwide. Our strategy has been to boost the development of stereoscopic 3D content, applications and services and build an industry of 3D production experts to meet future demand. Today, Singapore is one of the first territories in the world with one-stop, end-to-end production and post-production capabilities in theatrical stereoscopic 3D. With the 3D TV trial laying the groundwork to bring 3D experience to homes, Singapore is once again harnessing the latest digital technology to develop and deploy cutting-edge media services."

Says Chang Long Jong, Deputy CEO, Television, MediaCorp, "As the national broadcaster, MediaCorp is constantly exploring new avenues to deliver valued content to our viewers. MediaCorp is firmly committed to the 3D TV trial and will produce content in 3D, starting with the recording and post production of NDP2010. Concurrently, MediaCorp will commence technical trial this month to determine the most suitable technology standard."

Mr Titus Yong, Vice President of Satellite, SingTel said: "SingTel has over 20 years experience in the broadcast industry, and we are excited to play an important role in the national 3D trial. We are the first to enable content providers to deliver 3D content to consumers in Singapore and the region via satellite and platforms such as mio TV. We also offer essential tools to aid in the end-to-end production of 3D content. These include solutions for processing raw footage into formats for tapeless delivery, as well as editing and post-production services."

"We know how much Singaporeans like exploring new gadgets and staying abreast of the latest technologies. For the Broadcast industry, we believe 3D TV is the next wave of innovation. SingTel is proud to be part of the 3D TV revolution to offer enhanced viewing experience to our customers," add Mr Edward Ying, Chief of Content and Media, SingTel.

Mr Chan Kin Hung, Head of Products & Solutions, StarHub said: "As the leading innovative pay TV operator in Singapore, StarHub is committed not only to offering a compelling range of programmes to local viewers but also to keeping abreast of technology developments that boost our capabilities to deliver a superior viewing experience to our customers. We recognise the great potential of 3D TV which offers a new level of viewing experience to our customers, and we will work towards providing local viewers with the ultimate user experience by -'bringing the 3D cinematic experience right to their living room'."

Source: Media Development Authority