Ericsson Debuts Complete 3-D Content Delivery System

Thanks, in part, to its acquisition three years ago of TANDBERG Television, Ericsson has created a complete 3-D solution for home TV display that addresses challenges in both the contribution and distribution areas of the process.

Ericsson’s technology is made up of three key components:

- The CExH42 MPEG-4 AVC HD contribution encoder provides a platform for 3-D contribution links, ensuring full control of encoding parameters, exact synchronization and time-stamping of the compressed frames and the generation of a fully packaged 3-D simulcast.

- The RX8200 receiver offers new technology that ensures the exact temporal and spatial relationship between left and right feeds is also maintained at the receive end.

- The EN8190 HD encoder is for direct-to-home satellite delivery. Ericsson said it is paramount that 3-D deployments using frame-compatible methods use the best available compression technology to maximize the consumer 3-D experience. This encoder provides the MPEG-4 AVC HD compression, using new in-house technology designed to enable conversion to an all-HD world.

Ericsson offers a white paper on 3-D TV that explains the issues and its solutions completely.

Source: Broadcast Engineering