Czech Republic Starts 3D Broadcasts

UPC and SAT Plus have begun regular broadcasts in 3D in the Czech Republic. As of June 8, viewers of the HD+ channel, which is operated by SAT Plus and available exclusively on UPC’s cable network, have been able to watch programming in the format starting at 11.30, 18.30 and 00.30. Some programmes can only be watched by those with 3D TVs and special glasses, whereas others use the ‘old fashioned’ anaglyph glasses with red and green filters.

This is the first regular broadcast in 3D in the Czech Republic and is accessible to almost 400,000 of the 1.1 million homes that UPC Czech reaches. The cableco has already demonstrated its ability to run 3D broadcasts over the HD version of its Mediabox receiver. In April the company ran a live test using coverage of the US Masters golf tournament in Augusta that was delivered to its Amsterdam headquarters and the offices of its Swiss affiliate Cablecom.

SAT Plus has experience in producing 3D cinema and is an important supplier of SD, HD and now also 3D technology for low-budget TV studios and TV. HD+ offers a wide range of programming including travel documentaries, news, and concerts and is now producing its own 3D content.

By Chris Dziadul, Broadband TV News