Spain's TV3 Bets on 3D

Spain's Catalan public broadcaster TV3 will initiate its first 3D broadcasts this coming Saturday. Through its test 3D channel TV3HD, the company will offer 3D documentaries. It will also produce and distribute the signal of the final of the Champions League in 3D. That feed will be available worldwide. By means of this actions TelevisiĆ³ de Catalunya, TV3's owner sets the basis of its will to innovate and of its bet on new technologies.

The documentary series the Catalan broadcaster will offer on a weekly basis was shot in HD through the Cineflex system which is unique in Europe. Its image quality, the features of the venues chosen for the production and the technical resources (HD cameras, helicopters) guarantee the spectacular images in 3D.

Format Side by Side has been chosen for the 3D broadcasts as it is one of the most internationally renowned. This format sends two images on the same channel, one addressed to the right eye and the other addressed to the left eye. What a viewer would watch on a non-adapted 3D TV set is the screen divided in two different images which are apparently equal. Those equipments adapted to 3D match the two images in one.

This is the first step of a series of further 3D offerings of the Catalan broadcaster in the future.

By IƱaki Ferreras, Rapid TV News