Numericable Builds HD 3D VOD Platform

Cisco has announced that the French operator Numericable is building one of the world’s first HD 3D VOD service based on the Cisco Content Delivery System platform. The company originally deployed the platform to support VOD, catch-up TV and user-generated content services. The new 3D service will be made available in Numericable’s footprint in late 2010, with further details to be announced.

The system unifies the delivery of range of services from different content sources to a multitude of devices, such as TVs, computers and mobile devices. Services enabled include time-shifted TV, network personal video recording, targeted ad insertion, and wholesale content delivery networks (CDN), and now 3D VOD.

Pascal Dormal, VP, group development, Numericable Group, said in a statement: “Cisco’s Content Delivery System platform is a key enabler of our new generation of HD, 3D consumer services. The flexibility, scale and intelligence in the platform are giving us the scope to evolve our service offering to meet changing customer demands in a timely and efficient manner.”

By Robert Briel, Broadband TV News