Brazil Planning 3D-TV

Brazilian TV engineers say their new ISDB standard will support 3D-TV. Engineer Marcelo Zuffo, coordinator of LSI (Sistemas Integrados de Laboratorio) says that the ISDB standard would be compatible with 3D image technology, thus enabling users to see free-to-air channels in 3D.

Zuffo's laboratory is part of a working team (supported by Sony) which is developing technical specifications regarding what the free-to-air 3D standard will be like. The analyst explained that it is too soon to talk about terms for the launch, but that the idea is to present something during the South African Soccer World Cup 2010 to be held in June this year.

"ISDB would have no problems to incorporate 3D format unlike cable TV which requires a greater broadband," Zuffo explained. So far, six Latin American countries have selected ISDB: Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Venezuela. Costa Rica became the 7th country to select ISDB last week.

By Chris Forrester, Rapid TV News