3DTV Broadcasting Development Center Website has Opened

The Korea Communications Commission (KCC) announced the formal opening of the 3DTV Broadcasting Development Center website. At 3DTV Broadcasting Development Center website, you can access 3DTV and latest news and industry trends for 3DTV. Also, the website offers 3DTV program listings from May 19 to July 12, the trial run.

The 3DTV Promotion Center (actual center located in Kangnam) is where you can experience 3DTV broadcasting without charge. It has opened to increase public understanding of 3DTV. 3D trial services by Skylife, various contents via Blu-ray Disc player are available. And you can check the high definition experiments broadcasting 3DTV planned to start from October. The opening hours are 10 am to 5 pm from Mon to Fri.

Since 3DTV is getting popular, the website is very helpful for understanding 3DTV for the public and to develop the technology in the long run.

Source: The Korea IT Times