Weather Central Demonstrates Weather System for 3D TV

Weather Central began live demonstrations of 3D:LIVE Fusion -- the next generation of the world's most viewed on air broadcast weather platform -- showing the capability to deliver stunning weathercasts for 3D stereoscopic television channels . The demo at NAB 2010 illustrates how the technologies built into the 3D:LIVE platform provide the performance and toolset to address the emerging demands of 3D broadcasts.

The demonstration is produced and played out entirely from a current-generation 3D:LIVE Fusion system with software enhancements created by Weather Central to take advantage of the depth and perspective capabilities available to 3D channels.

Built on the latest 64-bit Windows 7 operating system, 3D:LIVE Fusion takes advantage of enhancements in hardware performance to enable the instant creation of stunning visuals. Resolution independent graphics and enhanced 3D objects for weather elements and cityscapes are inherent capabilities of the 3D:LIVE platform, enabling the creation of believable and immersive 3D weather stories.

Source: Weather Central