T-VIPS Stands Out in 3D

T-VIPS JPEG2000-based solutions are ideal for the contribution of full resolution stereoscopic 3D, as the wavelet transformation of JPEG2000 provides the same processing for all pixels and the frame-by-frame nature of this compression codec provides consistent quality for all images and ensures that errors are not propogated from frame-to-frame.

T-VIPS’ 3D JPEG2000-based solutions on display at the NAB Show, include the TVG450, which has its NAB debut, and the TVG480, which previews at NAB and is designed for post production and digital cinema. The T-VIPS TVG450 is the industry’s first JPEG2000 video gateway, based on the latest advances in JPEG2000 compression and IP networking and supports SD, HD, 3G HD (1080p) and 3D contribution over IP transport networks.

T-VIPS has worked with All Mobile Video (AMV) to outfit AMV’s new 3D production truck with the TVIPS TVG450 JPEG2000-based video gateway, to transport 3D video over IP/Ethernet. The TVG450 can be seen on the AMV truck at the Sony booth throughout the NAB show. The compact size and low-weight of the TVG450 make it ideal for mobile video applications. The demonstration shows the T-VIPS TVG450 feeding a new Sony 10 bit LMD 4251 TD 2D/3D display.

T-VIPS in 3D video Transport
3D is the next differentiator in home entertainment, with many major broadcasters planning to launch 3D TV services during 2010. In order to deliver an excellent viewer experience, home mastering requires left and right eye images in full resolution. TVG450 JPEG2000 Gateway enables this through support for the synchronous backhaul of dual channel stereotopic 3D video.

High quality needs to be maintained throughout the contribution chain so that editing and production can be performed at the left eye/right eye signals with the maximum resolution and quality. The advantage of this solution is that it provides high video quality though 10 bit dynamic range, full HD resolution for both left and right eye and low latency.

Source: T-VIPS