P+S TECHNIK Freestyle Rig

The P+S TECHNIK 3D Stereo Rig product family is now offering two leading mirror rigs to cover the requirements of the creatives as well as of the producers for different types of productions – a Standard Rig and the new Freestyle Rig.

The Freestyle Rig offers a high-class professional solution for creative images by opening the realms of camera movement for stereoscopy. By collaborating with Philippe Bordelais as highly experienced Steadicam and Stereography expert the conceptual design has been developed to fulfil our clients’ needs on set.

P+S TECHNIK Freestyle Rig

By using patented Carbon Formula One proven technology the best combination of load capacity, stability, form and weight was achieved. The structural parts made of carbon fibre provide not only characteristics perfectly adapted for Formula One, but also especially for Steadicam and for shoulder applications.

The combined experience and competence of P+S TECHNIK as designer and manufacturer of 3D Stereo Rigs paired with groundbreaking carbon technology has made these unique features possible:
- Maximum stiffness and dimensional stability even under heat
- Lightweight, slim and compact design for unmatched mobility and portability
- Integrated motorization for optimal balance
- Maximum ease-of-use although completely adjustable

Designed for constant equilibration, the rig always keeps camera weights in perfect balance when wireless adjusting the stereo base. Integrated motors for stereo base and convergence adjustment optimize weight and are compatible with available wireless remote control systems.A wide range of professional lenses and cameras up to 7 kg per camera setup can be carried by the Freestyle Rig. A range of ergonomic mounting accessories prepare this rig for shoulder, crane and dolly use.