Prime Focus Opens View-D London

Prime Focus is to open a London facility dedicated to 2D to 3D conversion running the company's proprietary View-D software as used on Clash of the Titans.

"We are already working on other feature projects and are in negotiations to convert high-end commercials into 3D," said Martin Hobbs, executive producer, View-D who heads the UK team. "There is huge interest in the process across feature film, commercials and high-end broadcast. But it's also a new business for us and we are still working out where the main business lies." he said

View-D was developed by Chris Bond, president of Prime Focus VFX. It's a post production process which enables the possibility of interactive creative sessions with stereographers, similar to a Digital Intermediate session.

"Filmmakers can now shoot a movie with a single camera, on film, without having to be locked into digital cameras and potentially complicated stereoscopic camera rigs," says Bond. "View-D critically shortens the length of time of conversion, such that conversions can now be fit into the post production schedule."

By Adrian Pennington, TVB Europe