Orad to Showcase Stereographics’ New Capabilities

Orad, a world leading provider of real-time video graphic solutions, will be adding some exciting new capabilities to its Stereographics solution. Stereographics enables stereo graphics to be rendered in real time and displayed over the stereo image. The solution enables content such as data videos and textures to be updated in real time, controls the depth dimension of the graphics, and provides full control of the stereo parameters such as interaxial (eye separation) and convergence.

The new version of Stereographics single box solution delivers dual channel stereo graphics, eliminating any synchronization issues. Stereo standards, including side by side and dual channel are fully supported.

Stereographics relies on a simple single user interface to control stereographic parameters, which are all adjustable in real time. Moreover, broadcasters can rely on their existing 3DPlay and Maestro graphics controllers without making any modifications to their workflow. Broadcasters have full control of the stereo parameters for each graphic layer during production, and can slave changes in depth properties to mixing desks and automation systems.

With the new version of Stereographics, there is no need for re-authoring: The 3D graphics templates created by earlier versions of 3Designer can be used in a stereo graphics environment, by applying basic stereovision parameters.

Source: Orad