Inlet Technologies to Demonstrate Live 3D HD Video Streaming with Partners

Inlet Technologies announced it will participate in the demonstration of 3 dimensional (3D) high definition (HD) video delivery with Level 3, Microsoft and THX at NAB 2010. The joint demonstration will feature a typical 3D video workflow scenario, from 3D video capture to consumer viewing, showcasing the capabilities of Inlet’s Spinnaker real-time streaming appliance in preparing high quality 3D video for live or on-demand delivery.

The demonstration will also showcase Level 3’s global internet backbone, Microsoft Silverlight and Internet Information Services (IIS) Smooth Streaming (and support for anaglyph, polarized, or shutter methods of 3D viewing), as well as a THX Certified Display and home theater system and the THX Media Director technology. Viewers will be able to enjoy the 3D experience by selecting the preferred method of 3D viewing (anaglyph, polarized, or shutter) using the Silverlight-based player.

Source: Inlet Technologies