Cinemas to Show South Africa World Cup in 3D

Swiss-based company Aruna Media AG has acquired the exclusive worldwide live 3D cinema and entertainment venue rights for this year’s FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Aruna Media will offer live feeds of eight out of a total 25 matches that will be filmed in 3D and expects to agree deals with hundreds of digital cinemas and selected venues in 26 countries.

“If you couldn’t get a ticket for the World Cup, 3D is the next big thing,” Niclas Ericson, director of FIFA TV, said in an event in London to unveil details of the 3D coverage. “It the World Cup will be the first global sport event to be shown in 3D.”

Ericson added he anticipates “a few hundred thousand people” are anticipated to watch each match in 3D either in public viewing space and or in a household in those countries where the TV rights-holders have the technology and the interest to broadcast games in 3D. At the moment, those are only the US (ESPN), Spain (Digital +) and South Korea (SBS).

By Matt Cutler, SportBusiness