Cablecom Brings 3D to Switzerland

Cablecom has launched a pilot project into 3D television. The first transmissions were made on Sunday evening during the closing stages of the US Masters golf tournament in Augusta. The Swiss cabler was tapping into the 3D feed provided in the United States by Sony and CBS. These were received by the DMC technical centre in Amsterdam, where they were also fed to Cablecom’s sister company UPC Nederland.

“Viewers are thrilled by this new way to watch films and sport events. I am convinced that 3D television will be part of our everyday lives in the near future. The performance capacity of our Fiber Power cable network of the latest generation will soon allow us to begin offering this new television experience,” said Eric Tveter, managing director, Cablecom.”

There is no firm date as to when UPC or Cablecom might commence a regular 3D service, but the Swiss network is emerging as a surprising leader in technology. The cablenet says it is ready for the delivery of 3D content both through its Mediabox set-top box and the CI Plus-enabled DigiCard.

By Julian Clover, Broadband TV News