Brazil Goes for 3D-TV

Brazilian cable operator Net will invest US$110m in digital TV, high definition and 3D in an attempt to offer its users such service before the end of this year. The operator carried out the second trial broadcasting its Fórmula Lady show, developed in Sao Paulo, live and in 3D. The signal was produced by TV Bandeirantes jointly with the 3D TV sets manufacturer Sony.

Net's Products and Services Director, Marcio Carvalho, said that the company was investing in innovation but that such service delivery to the client depended on the evolution of the whole value chain; content and TV sets production. As for the operator's network infrastructure, the executive pointed out that Net's network is being prepared so that all HD clients are able to receive 3D signals.

Net's first 3D experience was covering Rio de Janeiro's annual carnival. Net had installed special reception equipment in the Fasano Ipanema hotel, where the guests and the press could view the technology.

By Chris Forrester, Rapid TV News