3D World Cup Commercials in Production

Stereo production companies Vision3 and Compendium are producing seven advertising spots in 3D to be aired at cinemas or on the Sky 3D channel during the World Cup. Vision3 is also supervising the 3D shoot for Sky 3D’s Sir David Attenborough documentary Flying Monsters 3D. The two UK-based outfits announced a joint venture partnership, Vision3@Compendium, at the beginning of the month.

According to Vision3 senior producer Adam May: “We are fielding a huge amount of enquiries from agencies and brands who see a unique opportunity to present 3D ads around World Cup programming. We offer a 3D layer of expertise and technology from production to post across features, TV and commercials.”

Feature length documentary Flying Monsters 3D examines prehistoric vetebrates and will be released theatrically in large format and IMAX cinemas but will premiere on Sky 3D. Background plates are being shot on Red cameras coupled to Element Technica and P+S Technic rigs and produced by Atlantic Productions with 3D visual effects by Atlantic’s VFX studio Zoo.

Vision3 was formed in 2008 by experienced post production supervisor Angus Cameron and stereographer Chris Parks. Cameron was in charge of converting Peter Jackson’s King Kong into 3D in 2006. Some 40 minutes of the feature was converted using Weta Digital and In-Three tools but the project was aborted because there were only around 70 digital 3D screens worldwide at the time. Parks has worked on IMAX 3D features including Wings of Courage and Bugs 3D. The company has recently shot the indie features Elfie Hopkins and the Gammons and Dan Films’ Creeping Zero in 3D.

By Adrian Pennington, TVB Europe