ViXS Delivers the World's Most Advanced Network Multimedia Processor

ViXS Systems announced a new family of advanced networked multimedia SoC solutions. The XCode 4210, the first device of the new family, is a highly integrated processor designed for IPTV set-top boxes. Setting a new benchmark in application and communications processing, the XCode 4210 has the highest application CPU performance and boasts the highest sustained networked data throughput in a single chipset.

Integrating all of ViXS advanced media-processing technology into a new architecture, the ViXS XCode 4210 offers unparalleled performance and feature rich differentiation for best-in-class multimedia user experience. The XCode 4210 is the only set-top box SoC able to encode, decode and transcode multiple HD streams up to 1080p60/50 simultaneously, setting a new industry standard.

The XCode 4210 can transcode up to two HD streams, taking advantage of the Smart XCode technology based on sophisticated algorithms, dynamically switching between a highly efficient smart transcode and a full decode re-encode approach. The XCode 4210 incorporates a dual HD 1080p30/25/24 decoder that supports picture in picture and the latest H.264 Scalable Video Coding (SVC) decoding standard for content transition to 1080p60/50 broadcasting and an additional media processing engine for flexible decoding of multiple Internet formats. The XCode 4210 has the ability to transcrypt and transcode any multimedia content to any multimedia and container formats allowing seamless streaming, downloading and sideloading to a multitude of connected consumer entertainment devices, such as set-top box, PC/laptop, TV, game console, DLNA client, wireless tablet, consumer electronics, and wired or wireless portable or smart phone.

The XCode 4210 delivers user performance in excess of 3,200 DMIPS distributed over a main MIPS 74k applications processor and two ARC 750D offload processors, all simultaneously running their own real time operating systems. This level of performance has set a new benchmark in application and communications processing with the highest sustained networked data throughput over 400 Mbit/s in a single chipset. Moreover, the XCode 4210 architecture produces the best-in-class power consumption for network multimedia processor SoC integrating dual HD transcoding.

An internally architected OpenGL ES 2.0 3D graphics engine provides 1080p graphics rendering on multiple overlays/surfaces as well as on tiled, mosaic and 3D TV content. The 3D graphics performance on the XCode 4210 is currently the only solution that passes the Futuremark benchmark in the set-top box market.

To provide the best image quality to consumers, the XCode 4210 supports advanced video processing including high quality de-interlacing and scaling, edge adaptive sharpening, adaptive contrast enhancement, color management, noise reduction and powerful compositing engines all at 1080p60/50 HD resolution over HDMI and component outputs.

Specifically designed for 3D TV applications, the XCode 4210 includes full 3D TV display formatting capability, 2D/3D graphics rendering, and the latest H.264 Multi-view Codec (MVC) 3D TV decoding standard.

In addition to bringing the next generation of smart network multimedia processor chipsets, ViXS continues to provide its customers with the rich Xtensiv software suite including certified DLNA 1.5 stack developed internally, complete DVR stack, WebKit browser, Qt, Adobe Flash Lite, Java/JavaScript support, Linux DVB, DirectFB and other software tools and applications to accelerate the development of advanced multimedia solutions. The XCode 4210 will also support Adobe embedded Flash 10.1, Android and Win CE 7 that will be announced throughout this year.

Source: ViXS Systems