1 Beyond Makes Production to Post-production 3D Workflow a Reality

1 Beyond announced that it will unveil a new portfolio of systems that eliminates the typical workflow and communications gaps between pre-production, on-set, and post-production, creating a powerful non-linear 3D workflow solution that covers every step of the content creation process, from the initial concept to final delivery.

This new ground-breaking 3D workflow features new systems from 1 Beyond optimized to work seamlessly with some of the industry’s most innovative 3D technologies. Visitors to the 1 Beyond booth will be able to see an example of how a major film studio is currently using this workflow on set to record footage from Silicon Imaging SI-3D camera systems directly into 1 Beyond Wrangler DDR Direct-to-Disk Recording systems. The footage is then connected to 1 Beyond Wrangler duplicator stations for automatic backup and to S3DR review stations with IRIDAS FrameCycler DI for instant review of RAW footage in full high resolution stereoscopic 3D. This workflow is also appropriate for virtually all 2D and 3D camera workflows in compressed, uncompressed and RAW formats.

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Visitors will also see how during the post production stage, output from the 3D production workflow can be used immediately without conversion, by using compatible formats that feed, for example, a 3D Avid editing environment, which then outputs EDLs to conform for various finish systems.

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All Wrangler systems include the 1 Beyond Wrangler software that provides automatic ingest and verification of footage from a range of high-end cameras (Panasonic, RED, SI, Sony, Phantom and more). With the addition of other unique software from 1 Beyond, Silicon Imaging, IRIDAS and ASSIMILATE, these configurations can also support Direct-to-Disk Recording and/or review for 2D/3D, RAW and HD-SDI cameras.

The 1 Beyond Wrangler systems are currently available in four hardware configurations:

- Wrangler Dude, a small form factor with 4 or 8 processors, with custom designed brushed aluminum case, DC-power, built in 7” touch screen, available for $6,995.

- Wrangler Pro with 17” LCD screen (up to 1920 x 1200) and fold-down keyboard, 8-processor power, featuring a heavy-duty all metal, shock-resistant body, with a roll-about case for easy travel, available for $8,495.

- Wrangler Rack, with 8-processor power, 8.4” touch screen, mounted in a 19” rack for use in trucks and mobile racks, starting at $7,995. Also available are 3U and compact 1U rack versions.

- Super Wrangler based on the 16-processor power of the 1 Beyond HexDFlex, with 17” 1920x1200 LCD screen and fold-down keyboard, available for $12,995.

All Wrangler systems feature solid state system/application drives for ultimate reliability. They are available with various combinations of RAID protected video 1 Beyond GoHDCart drive cartridges and the new 1 Beyond GoHDMag solid state magazines. Key to the 3D workflow concept is the 1 Beyond Wrangler Data Shuttle, 4 and 8-bay storage towers with mini-SAS connections supporting SAS and SATA drives up to 8TB, supporting 2D/3D RAW, uncompressed and high quality compressed video recording and review.

Source: 1 Beyond